Being one of the biggest mobile companies in this country, Tmcel offers extensive services of upgraded and improved second and third-generation GSM. This guide looks at the price of buying a Tmcel SIM card, several data packages available on Tmcel, what is required for one to purchase their own SIM card, and finally activation of these SIM cards for travelers’ safari in Mozambique.

tmcel sim card

I. Quick Facts about Tmcel

  • Founded year: 1986
  • Full company name: Telecom Company of Morocco (télécommunications Marocaines, SA)
  • Types of services provided: Mobile communications ( 3G, 4G, 5G), fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, data services, financial services
  • Number of subscribers: Around 24 million (as of 2021)
  • Coverage: Covers over 98% of Morocco’s population across rural and urban areas
  • Estimated number of a network of stores, and agents: Over 1,600 Tmcel stores and around 25,000 sales agents across Morocco.

II. Mozambique Tmcel Coverage and Speed

1. Tmcel coverage in Mozambique

Tmcel’s network map shows widespread 3G coverage across Mozambique as of 2021, concentrated along coasts and transportation routes. 4G focuses on major cities and economic hubs. Rural areas have more intermittent connectivity. While dominant nationally, coverage remains patchy in remote inland regions, especially north Mozambique. The map outlines Tmcel’s extensive 3G infrastructure and expanding 4G footprint across the country.

2. Tmcel speed

Tmcel Speed

Customers of Tmcel access 3G as well as 4G/LTE services. In some places, the speeds can also be variable depending on the kind of network that you access. When in towns expect fast 4G/LTE but in rural areas it can be between 3G – 4G depending on how far away from the towns it is.

III. Tmcel connectivity options for travelers to Mozambique

As a tourist visiting Mozambique, you have two main options for using Tmcel’s services – purchasing a physical SIM card or using an eSIM. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Buy Tmcel SIM Card - Direct connection to Tmcel's network - Cheap call and data rates - Replaceable SIM card - Require registration paperwork - SIM unavailable outside Mozambique
Use Tmcel Pocket WiFi - Portable WiFi hotspot - Can share connection among multiple devices - Higher daily/weekly costs than SIM card - Requires rental fees in addition to data costs
Roam on Tmcel Internationally - No need to buy local SIM or WiFi - Use existing carrier's plan - Very expensive roaming charges - Slow data speeds due to international roaming

Purchasing a local Tmcel SIM card provides travelers with the most convenient and cost-effective option for mobile connectivity while visiting Mozambique. It allows direct access to Tmcel's networks at far more reasonable rates compared to roaming or WiFi rental.

IV. Best Tmcel SIM cards for tourists & cost

Tmcel offers different types of SIM cards for tourists, each with its benefits and costs. Let’s take a look at the best options for tourists visiting Mozambique in 2023.

SIM Card Validity Allowances Price (USD)
Daily SIM 30 days 1GB data, 30 minutes calls $2.50
Weekly SIM 7 days 5GB data, 100 minutes calls $6.50
Individual Tourist SIM 30 days Unlimited calls within Tmcel, 5GB + 500MB data $10
Traveler SIM 60 days 10GB data, 1000 minutes calls Shared 2 devices


  • 1 Mozambique Metical (MZN) = $0.014 USD
  • The Individual and Traveler SIM packages provide the best value for longer trips over a week in Mozambique.
  • The cheaper Daily and Weekly SIMs are suitable for shorter stays under a month.
  • All packages ensure affordable connectivity on Tmcel's 2G/3G/4G mobile network during travel

V. Does Tmcel support eSIM?

Yes, Tmcel supports eSIM. The advantages of eSIM compared to physical SIM include:

  • No need for a physical SIM card, allowing remote SIM provisioning
  • Ability to manage multiple profiles on one device
  • More convenient for frequent travelers who don’t want to swap physical SIMs

Consider using eSIM from the top eSIM providers in Mozambique – which provides diverse plans for any traveling goals.

Plan that may interest you

Mozambique eSIM 7 Days Plan
Mozambique eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $8.90
Mozambique eSIM 30 Days Plan
Mozambique eSIM 30 Days Plan

VI. Where can you buy a Tmcel SIM card and eSIM?

1. Buying a Physical Tmcel SIM Card

Upon Arrival
You can purchase a Tmcel SIM card at the arrivals counters in international airports across Mozambique like Maputo and Beira. This is very convenient for international travelers.

Tmcel Stores

Visit any of the many Tmcel stores located throughout cities and towns in Mozambique. Stores have signs indicating “Tmcel” and staff can assist with all SIM purchases and registration.

Tmcel Store

Other Retailers

Authorized sellers include mobile retailers like M-Cell, as well as some minimarkets and pharmacy shops. Look for the “Tmcel Prepaid” sign for guaranteed genuine SIMs.


SIMs can also be delivered by courier if ordered online.

Tips when buying a physical Tmcel SIM:

  • Carry your passport for registration at the point of purchase
  • Check bundled minutes/data included with the starter package
  • Activate SIM by inserting into your phone

2. Buying Tmcel eSIM

  • Purchase an eSIM plan directly from Tmcel’s website at Mozambique eSIM
  • Follow the prompts to pay and download the eSIM profile
  • No registration is required, simply activate eSIM on your device

Tips for buying Tmcel SIM/eSIM:

  • Purchase from official sources for guaranteed connectivity
  • Consider a multi-region eSIM if traveling within Southern Africa
  • Keep SIM safe until you reach your destination to activate

VII. How to activate Tmcel SIM Card/eSIM

1. Activate a physical SIM Card

To get started with your Tmcel Mozambique SIM card, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Insert the SIM card: Find the SIM card slot on your device and insert the SIM card into it
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to detect the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: Usually, the Tmcel Mozambique SIM card will be activated automatically
  4. Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  5. Check your services and enjoy them.

2. Activate eSIM

To use a Tmcel eSIM for Mozambique, you need to do these simple steps:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: After the eSIM is activated and set up, you can use its services as normal.

VIII. Mozambique Tmcel Call & SMS rates

Here is a table of Tmcel call and SMS rates in Mozambique converted to US dollars:

Mozambique Tmcel Call & SMS rates

Call/SMS Type Rate (USD)
Calls to Tmcel numbers $0.01/min
Calls to other networks in Mozambique $0.02/min
Calls to fixed lines in Mozambique $0.03/min
International calls (per second billing) $0.06-0.12/min
SMS within Mozambique $0.005/SMS
SMS to international numbers $0.03/SMS

Notes ✔

Mozambique Metical (MZN) = $0.014 USD

Calls are charged per second after an initial connection fee

International rates vary depending on the destination country

Tmcel offers packaged call plans that can be more affordable than pay-as-you-go rates

Rates are for prepaid users, postpaid plans may differ

IX. Useful USSD codes for Tmcel SIM Card/eSIM

Tmcel offers a range of USSD codes that you can use to manage your account, check your balance, and access other services. Here are some of the most useful codes for tourists:

USSD Code Description
*100# Check airtime balance
*111# Check data bundle balance
*128# Check validity of current data bundle
1401# Activate/deactivate call forwarding
*141# Check call forwarding status
1501# Activate/deactivate call barring
*182# Check usage history for calls, SMS and data
*191# Check international/roaming settings
2221# Activate roaming services
*222# Deactivate roaming services
*555# Change/disable PIN code
*628# Check eSIM profile/balance
*888# Change eSIM service plan

Notes 👍

  • Dial * followed by the USSD code from your Tmcel number
  • Use # to confirm or cancel actions
  • Contact support if codes don't work as expected

X. How to Top-up Tmcel SIM Card/eSIM

To top up your Tmcel SIM card or eSIM, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Purchase a recharge voucher from any Tmcel retail store, authorized dealer, or kiosk.
  • Use the *123# USSD code and follow the instructions to top up using your credit or debit card.
  • Download the Tmcel app and top up using your credit or debit card.

XI. Alternatives to Tmcel

1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

Here are the other main mobile operators in Mozambique:


  • Largest network operator by subscriber base
  • National 3G and 4G LTE coverage across most major cities and towns
  • Wide range of affordable prepaid and postpaid plans
  • Excellent voice and data coverage within its network footprint


  • Large network footprint across the country
  • Extensive 3G and expanding 4G coverage
  • Comprehensive postpaid and prepaid plans
  • Strong brand recognition and retail presence

2. Buy an eSIM from

Travelers visiting Mozambique will enjoy hassle-free connectivity thanks to, the leading digital SIM provider in the country. Powered by GIGAGO networks, they provide very affordable data packages on fast and reliable networks without long-term commitments or deposits. Here’s what makes stand out:

  • Variety & Flexibility: Choose among a wide array of data packages that are best suited for your goals.
  • Multiple Network Coverage: They take care of the technical aspect by collaborating with major Mozambique mobile providers –Vodacom and Tmcel – so that you get a fast and reliable connection during your trip smoothly and uninterrupted.
  • Top-notch Customer Service: They offer 24/7 customer support so you can get assistance if needed.
  • Affordable Prices: Their local SIM cards are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money.


Can I use my Tmcel SIM card outside of Mozambique?

Yes, you can use your Tmcel SIM card in other countries, but you will need to activate international roaming before traveling. You can do this by dialing *101# or visiting a Tmcel store.

Can I keep my Tmcel SIM card after leaving Mozambique?

Yes, you can keep your Tmcel SIM card and use it on your next visit to Mozambique. However, you will need to top up the credit before using it again.

Can I use a Tmcel SIM card in a mobile hotspot device?

Yes, you can use a Tmcel SIM card in a mobile hotspot device as long as it is compatible with the network’s frequencies.

XIII. Final words

In conclusion, Tmcel is a reliable and affordable option for tourists visiting Mozambique. With its extensive coverage, fast internet speeds, and various connectivity options, it is a great choice for staying connected during your trip. Whether you choose a physical SIM card or an eSIM, make sure to activate it and top up your credit before traveling to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.